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We built our tracker as the fastest tracker in North Carolina because we know speed is essential. But it's a lot more than just a tracker.
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"As the NC Rural Center's Rural Counts program began to grow, it became obvious that a legislative tracker was needed, after consulting with key partners, the Rural Counts team met with Kelly at Upstate and the rest is history. Kelly consistently offers stellar customer service and Upstate has undoubtedly elevated our advocate engagement efforts. We are proud to share our experience and hope you too will join the Upstate family."

-Tiffany Gladney, NC Rural Center, Policy & Government Affairs Manager
"Upstate has been a tremendous help to us. As a small organization we can't be in every meeting. When things are happening quickly we know that we won't miss anything because Upstate will notify us immediately when bills are amended and enables us to be better prepared to act strategically."

- Morgan Wittman Gramann, North Carolina Alliance for Health, Executive Director

Get up and running in only a few minutes.

You've spent hours trying to set up a legislative tracker. But eventually you stop using it because it’s difficult to use and navigate.  We’ve made it a priority to build a modern interface with the easiest setup on the market.

We get you up and running in 5 minutes. Everything is optimized for mobile-use. Easy to set-it-and-forget-it and let the email and text updates keep you on track.

Keep hundreds of bills organized

You're trying to keep track of over a hundred bills. Having a lot going on is an understatement.

Keep projects, clients and issues organized with tags. Add a stance and notes to remember your organization's position. Quickly search your bills, including text, for anything. And it's all mobile-friendly.

Create professional reports for clients and grant-writing

It’s hard to stay organized during the peak of the legislative session, and this leads to messy reports with missing information and outdated excel sheets.

Keep your bills organized with our flexible tagging system. Export bills by tag to CSV and Docx with up-to-date information on sponsors, actions, and any notes you’ve made.

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Compare bill versions for important changes

Committee substitutes have a notorious reputation in North Carolina politics for a reason - changes can have big consequences and are easy to miss. It can take hours to pore through a bill looking for what’s changed.

Search for anything and find what's relevant

We know how much you rely on the NCGA's search functionality, but it doesn't always give you what you want.

Search our database to see what bills contain your search terms, organized by bills with the most recent action.

Real-time bill status updates - to your phone or inbox

You know you have the best shot of accomplishing your goals the earlier you act. It’s costing you valuable hours to manually check the North Carolina General Assembly website.

Instant bill action text and email updates ensure you know if your bills move. Making you more confident and keeping your team organized.