Legislative tracking, analysis, and advocacy for North Carolina

NC's fastest and most accurate legislation tracker and committee transcript tool. Built for nonprofits, lobbyists, membership organization and the public. UpState helps North Carolinians track, analyze, and advocate for state legislation.
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Some of our member organizations:

Fast, intuitive and just for North Carolina

"Upstate is fantastic. During bill filing I was constantly getting immediate updates by the minute on all of the keywords I was tracking. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a tracking program."
- Logan Martin, Skyline Strategies
"Upstate's alerts are really fast. I've been sitting in committee, and known about a bill being scheduled for a hearing before the committee members did. It's easy to use and intuitive, which is why we made the switch from LexisNexus."
- Dustin Engelken, Triangle Apartment Assoc

  1. NC General Assembly files 2000+ bills each session

    Legislation is proposed, amended, scheduled, updated or substituted, and starts moving through the NC General Assembly.

    Upstate Bill Tracker
    You are alerted within 10 min via email or text to any changes to your tracked bills and keywords/ phrases. Your personalized bill tracking dashboard is updated.

    Upstate Bill Change Analyzer
    Changes to bill/budget text are immediately highlighted to show differences in new versions. Don't waste time endlessly reading new versions of bills and budgets.

    Upstate Advocacy Tool
    Quickly target the correct committees and legislators with powerful advocacy campaigns that are easy to set-up, share, embed on your site. Approve and analyze your supporter feedback.

See what's happening at the legislature - as soon as it happens.

Since day one, our users have been keeping Upstate's bill feed open and watching the action to know what bills are moving.

See bill actions as they happen with our bill action feed, updated instantly. Simultaneously, see what's on the legislative calendar. Most importantly, see if the most recent occurences of your custom keywords
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Bill screening for key words, phrases and general statutes. Updated every 10 minutes.

You've set up your alerts on Upstate for key words, phrases and general statutes. A PCS just passed a committee you didn't think you needed to be in. Within 10 minutes, you've got a text message letting you know.

We are the only tracker that is screening every new bill in the North Carolina general assembly for your list of words, phrases and general statutes every 10 minutes.
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Create advocacy campaigns lightning fast.

Sometimes you only have a few hours to tell your followers to contact legislators.

Create a campaign in a few minutes, share, and start having an impact.
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