Engage your supporters with affordable tools
built for North Carolina

Create advocacy actions and select House and Senate committees and commissions to target committee hearings. Let your supporters quickly and easily email their legislators. Export all of your supporters comments so you are prepared to educate legislators.
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Give your advocates an easy way to contact their legislators

Create advocacy actions to send to your members. Your members can send messages directly to their legislators. Choose from any chamber, committee or commission to target subsets of legislators.

When you meet with legislators, you'll have access to the messages sent to each legislator, so you know how constituents feel about the issue.

Manage comments for effective campaigns

Typical scenario before Upstate: you sent your list an email asking them to contact their legislators, but you have no idea if anyone did.

Know if your followers are engaging, approve comments, and export them to more effective campaigns

Target committees with advocacy actions

Sometimes you only have a few hours to tell your followers to contact committee members. Quickly create an advocacy campaign and target specific committees so only legislators that need to hear from you followers will at the right time.

See Advocacy Examples Below

Embed bills and advocacy actions just like these on your website in a matters of minutes.

Real-time bill information on your website

Keep your supporters informed and don't spend your Fridays going back and forth with your webmaster. Bills are updated automatically, instantly, throughout the day.

This could be you

Embed the bills you are following, updated automatically, all day long.

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