Easily compare bill versions

Save time and avoid mistakes by easily comparing changes in bills, with a comparison link sent straight to your phone or email.
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No need to manually compare versions line by line anymore

Still reading new bill versions line by line with a highlighter? We do that for you, saving you hours and reducing the chances that you'll miss important changes.

Quickly see what was added and removed to a new bill within minutes of it happening

When you sign up for Upstate Analysis, you'll get a link to compare every new version with the previous bill version. Our updates are sent every 10 minutes, so you'll never fall behind.

This side of the comparison shows what was previously in the past version. The red highlights what was previously in the version but has been removed in the newer version.

This side of the comparison shows the more recent version. The green highlights text that was not in a previous version and has been added.

'2021 calendar year tax rate as' was removed and replaced with 'amount that the motor fuel tax rate would have been for the period beginning on January 1, 2021, and ending on December 31, 2021...'

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